Industrial Repair Technology
at every Home

Since 1985, we have been producing adhesives and other chemical products that help in fixing all types of breakdowns occurring at home, garden, workshop, and automotive industry.

Wide portfolio

We offer over 200 DIY products. Many of them are specialized products, that so far have been offered to trade professionals only.

Autonomy & Growth

Our own production facilities, laboratory, many years of experience and technologies developed in-house, allow us to improve and expand the product range.


Experience and quality of our products have resulted in trust in the Technicqll brand not only in Poland. The brand is present in 15 countries in Europe and the Middle East.

Laboratory & Research Centre

We have our own, modern laboratory, functioning in accordance with the requirements of the Polish Center for Accreditation, and a team of experienced and creative technologists and engineers. In addition, we strengthen our competences by cooperating with research institutes.


We have created and introduced to the market the unique, patented by us Nanoepoxides. The nano modifiers contained in the adhesives were created in cooperation with a scientific and research unit – the Industrial Chemistry Institute from Warsaw. You can recognize the products by the Nano Modified symbol.

Formulas Creation

We are focused on continuous product development. We create advanced chemical formulas, thanks to which we introduce to the market products such as epoxy hydraulic putty. It enables bonding on wet surfaces. We have also successfully developed a product that bonds materials like polypropylene, polyethylene, and silicone, which were previously resistant to adhesion.


Laboratory Tests

Modern equipment allows us to test shear strength, tensile strength, torsion, compression, assess the ability to withstand sudden loads, resistance to oils, greases, solvents, conduct viscosity measurements, examine how adhesives perform at different temperatures, and much more. Learn more at

Responsible Business

Labor rights, human rights, the environment, sustainable procurement, and ethical issues are important to us. In 2022, we took part in the EcoVadis survey, which focuses on key areas for sustainable development and responsible business. We have been awarded the EcoVadis silver certificate. We don't want to stop there. We are motivated to continue working towards sustainable development.


  • We care about our employees. We created an environment where people want to stay longer and pursue their careers. 45% of our staff are people with over 15 years of experience.
  • We value diversity. We employ experts, but also fresh and young people. It broadens our horizons and allows us to develop.
  • We strengthen the sense of community through integration trips and family picnics.
  • Respect and health are paramount concerns to us. We comply with all health and safety standards resulting from the declaration of human rights.
  • We care about work comfort for our employees. All our spaces are meticulously designed to ensure functionality and aesthetics. We emphasize the use of high-quality materials and equipment. The green areas surrounding our buildings provide a conducive environment for regeneration during work breaks.


  • We constantly monitor and extend the life cycle of products (longer best-before dates).
  • We repair items that otherwise would become waste. We regenerate toners, repair machines, technical devices, and utility items.
  • We map waste streams. We limit their quantity, keep segregation and detailed records, transfer them to companies that specialize in recycling and disposal.
  • We avoid wasting energy and other resources. We have implemented an electronic document exchange system, automatic two-sided printing, minimization of color printing.
  • We monitor and minimize fuel consumption in company cars. We promote commuting to work by bicycle.
  • Green areas around our offices and production plants occupy at least as much space as buildings. We plant trees, shrubs, and sow meadows.

Production & Raw Materials

  • We work based on the standards of an integrated quality, environment, health, and safety management system.
  • We improve the formulas and composition of our products by limiting the content of dangerous substances.
  • We have a packaged goods control system. We take responsibility for the declared capacity. Our products contain exactly the volume or weight that we declare. A confirmation of this status is the “e” mark placed next to the nominal quantity on the packaging.
  • We use raw materials that are responsibly sourced. In the process of selecting suppliers, we adhere to a professional approach based on shared values and a commitment to sustainable development.

Social Concern

We aim to have a positive impact on society, which is why we respond to human needs with sensitivity and empathy. We actively support foundations helping people with health issues or disabilities. We are a patron of art and culture, we support local, amateur sports activities. For years, we have also been supporting charity mission centers in Zambia in the Kasisi region, which take care of the safety and education of children. We are also proud of bottom-up initiatives. Every year, our employees organize themselves to take part in the Noble Box program to help Families, that have found themselves in difficult financial circumstances for reasons beyond their control.

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