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Gluing, Repairing, Refurbishing,
since 1985.

Technicqll is a manufacturer of adhesives and other chemical products, that help fixing all types of damage of the items, occurring in the home, garden, and automotive industry.

In our offer you will find various types of adhesives, sealants, gluing accessories, adhesive and repair tapes, protective lubricants as well as cleaning and maintenance preparations.

We are experts in gluing, joining, and repairing. Do you need to glue plastic, wood, metal, aluminum, leather, fabric, polystyrene, ceramics, porcelain, or glass? We have adhesives for all these materials.

In addition, we seal, protect against corrosion, secure screws, and threads against self-loosening, and embed bearings.

Stubborn dirt, tarnishing, burns and hard-to-reach places to clean are the topics we also focus on. We are aware that items can be damaged not only by breaking or defects in the material. We offer preparations that help preserve items for longer.

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Technicqll – your Toolkit for Repairing and Extending Item Life.

We offer adhesives for a wide range of applications, such as epoxy adhesives, instant adhesives, contact adhesives and household adhesives. We also make products intended for specific repairs, including: shoe adhesive, specialistic mirror silicone, wallpaper adhesive, and hard plastic adhesive.

An iron cleaner, electronic contact cleaner, descaling agent for coffee machine, fabric stain remover or paste for removing persistent dirt on enamel and steel, support the maintenance necessary for the proper operation of devices and extend their life.

For professionals and enthusiasts of the automotive industry, we have a wide range of products dedicated to cars and motorcycles. Automotive epoxy putty, epoxy metal 300kg, aluminum epoxy paste, rear view mirror glue, radiator sealant, bearing grease are just a few of them.

Craftsmen and model makers will find products such as bookbinding, craft adhesive, glue for plastic models, leather glue, construction glue, epoxy resin or magnetic tape.

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